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April 19, 2020

S004 – Unprecedented Part I

S004 – Unprecedented Part I

Year(s) Discussed: 1800-1801, 1816-1825, 1860-1864

While some presidential elections function in much the same way as others of the time, there are those select few that reshape the process or are noteworthy for being unique in some way. In the next two episodes of the special series, I will be examining four presidential elections that stand out to me as unprecedented. In this episode, I start with the election of 1824 which saw a four way match up between Secretary of State John Adams, Secretary of the Treasury William Crawford, Speaker of the House Henry Clay, and Senator Andrew Jackson. The remainder of the episode is devoted to the election of 1864 which saw President Abraham Lincoln running for reelection against his challenger, General George McClellan.

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Special thanks to Logan of From Boomers to Millennials, Rosie of History, Eh?, Alex H of Ohio v the World, and Chris of the History of China for providing the intro quotes for this episode! Special thanks also to my husband Alex for providing one of the intro quotes as well as for his audio editing assistance.

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Featured Images: “John Quincy Adams” by George Peter Alexander Healy [c. 1858], courtesy of Wikipedia and “Andrew Jackson” by Thomas Sully [c. 1824], courtesy of Wikipedia

Featured Images: “Abraham Lincoln” by George Peter Alexander Healy [c. 1869], courtesy of Wikipedia and “George Brinton McClellan” by Julian Scott [c. 1888], courtesy of Wikipedia