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An excellent history podcast

Jerry does a phenomenal job presenting a lot of information in a digestible format while also capturing the characters and personalities involved in the history of the American presidency. Definitely add this to your history podcast rotation.

So good!

One of my favorite podcasts!

I have always been fascinated by the American Presidency, but this show brings an insight that is unique. The host is incredibly knowledgeable, and has an instinct for putting historical figures in context that is pure brilliance.

A Work of Passion

Our host Jerry does an incredible job, every installment is well researched and presented going into many details that are missed in the US schools that focus on the high point, key dates, testable details, and the “national myth”. The podcast goes much deeper into the presidents and their lives with all the strengths and weaknesses explored. Every person is flawed in some ways be it decision making, skills, leadership, risk taking, messaging, etc. The podcast touches on all the issues including slavery, ambition, and more to present the whole person with all the flaws. Makes you think and assess and understand the types of information available to the early presidents for decision making. The Seat At the Table series (cabinet members)is interesting, it is a perspective and assessment that in some cases is less enjoyable for me as assessments have too much “totally” and agreement in the discussions. That said, well researched and incredibly informative. Keep up the great work!


You will not find a more prepared host. Jerry does a great job guiding us through the early presidencies. Listen to this if you are serious about knowing the Presidents.

Excellent First-Rate History Podcast

I’ve listened to 32 episodes so far of Jerry’s podcast based around the presidents of the United States. First off, his research is absolutely first class with each episode packed with primary source material. This isn’t any mere podcast flying high and fast over the administrations of past presidents, but a deep dive into the personalities, foreign relations, and socio-economic and even military wheels turning around this unique office. I can’t wait to learn about the little details which add up and help shaped the United States to what it is today. Thanks Jerry for your hard work and dedication in a field that badly needs this.

Informative & Passionate

Presidencies of the United States is probably one of the most organized & structured podcasts I’ve heard to date — Jerry is well spoken, passionate about his content, AND I’ve learned a lot about history since I’ve started listening. I recommend it to anyone who is remotely interested in American history!

If You’ve Always Wanted To Know More…

The American Presidency is unlike any other political office in history. We’ve seen their portraits and briefly covered them in school, but there’s a lot more to be discovered. Jerry Landry does a phenomenal job of showing the presidents for who they were, not just what they did. And most importantly, he deftly places their administrations in a context of what else was going on in the world and the nation. An engaging and informative show. Highly recommended.

Detailed and engrossing

Jerry does an amazing job of bringing history to life. Always a pleasure to listen to the newest (albeit oldest) in the world of American government and history!

Such great detail, lovingly told.

This is such a great podcast. My only regret is that Jerry will have to live another hundred years to reach my personal hero: FDR. Oh, well, I can wait that long!

One of my all time favorite pods. Jerry does meticulous research, covering each presidency in thoughtful, vivid detail. He works hard and not only providing a narrative of what happened when, but also works to provide the context. I often find myself going back to listen to episodes a second (or third!) time to make sure I do not miss a piece of information. If you want to deepen your knowledge and understanding of the presidents, I cannot recommend this pod enough.

Informative, well done

I enjoy this podcast. The host is thorough and articulate; however, I subtracted a star because the audio quality is subpar. I’ve only listened to the 1st several episodes, so maybe the host has improved the sound.

Thoroughly thorough

Are you the kind of history nerd who wants to know EVERYTHING About a topic? This podcast is for you. Nobody provides a more encompassing deep dive on presidential history than Jerry.

This is a Very Interesting and Informative Show! It's Very Detailed and if you Like History or Want to learn about the Famous and not so Famous Presidents, then Check it Out! I Definitely Recommend taking a Listen!

Do a deep dive!

This podcast does the deepest of dives into the presidents of the United States. But what makes this podcast so great is the host breaks up the presidents in several episodes. The listener can pop in and out of their favorite president while out on their morning walk or running a quick errand. The episodes are thoroughly researched and the host has a clear passion for his subject. Highly recommend for anyone wanting to learn more about the presidents! Alycia, Civics & Coffee

This is a wonderful podcast to dive into American history and especially the early years! The host is knowledgable and presents the facts with great detail in a fun and memorable way. Equal parts scholarly and entertaining way to learn about history.

I love this podcast VERY detailed. The only thing I worry about at a year per president, I;m not sure Jerry will be around long enough to get to the later presidents. He;s following the GRR Martin route

Great podcast - well researched and highly recommend for anyone interested in presidential history!

This is an incredibly researched and well delivered podcast! The host, Jerry, delivers an engaging and entertaining narrative on every episode. I’ve learned more about our presidents listening to this podcast than I ever did in school. Great show!

A must-listen for anyone interested in American history. Well done!

A fantastic show looking at the history of the Presidency. It is well research and has a fantastic host.

Excellently researched show, and a very charming host!

Scholarly but accessible

Meticulously-researched and related in an entertaining, narrative way by a passionate writer. Truly excellent history for those looking for a deep dive. Dive in!

How Did I Not Know This?

This podcast is informative, well researched, and entertaining! I'm constantaly wondering 'how did I not know this??' espeically as an American listener. I feel I'm gaining a better understanding of our country's political history and able to better understand current events! Keep up the great work!

Cuts through the myths

‪Jerry paints a picture of the U.S. Founders that is engaging, provocative, and stripped of the mythology that often clouds our understanding. The podcast is great history and a fun listen! ‬

Listen, review and repeat!!!

I had no idea that the American presidents were so scandalous! This is an incredibly researched and well delivered podcast. The host, Jerry, delivers an engaging and entertaining narrative on every episode! I’ve learned more about our presidents on this podcast than I ever did in school. Great show!

Like a historical soap opera

By that I mean I was quickly hooked on the story line with all of its twists, suspense, drama and all- too- human (and surprisingly relatable) personalities. I never knew what I didn’t know about the Presidents until I started listening. Great job!

Knowledge and Enthusiasm

Listening to Presidencies is like chatting about one of my favorite subjects—American history—with a good friend. A very knowledgeable and enthusiastic friend. I am enjoying this intimate walk through our nation’s early days. Keep up the great work!

Excellent History Podcast!!!

Jerry's passion and knowledge can be seen clearly in every episode. I always learn something new after having listened and look forward to every new episode! Do yourself a massive favor and subscribe to this excellent history podcast!

Great Podcast

Well researched, concise and entertaining for history nerds like me. I’ve learned a lot and always look forward to new espisodes.