Presidencies of the United States

A Work of Passion

Our host Jerry does an incredible job, every installment is well researched and presented going into many details that are missed in the US schools that focus on the high point, key dates, testable details, and the “national myth”. The podcast goes much deeper into the presidents and their lives with all the strengths and weaknesses explored. Every person is flawed in some ways be it decision making, skills, leadership, risk taking, messaging, etc. The podcast touches on all the issues including slavery, ambition, and more to present the whole person with all the flaws. Makes you think and assess and understand the types of information available to the early presidents for decision making.

The Seat At the Table series (cabinet members)is interesting, it is a perspective and assessment that in some cases is less enjoyable for me as assessments have too much “totally” and agreement in the discussions. That said, well researched and incredibly informative.

Keep up the great work!

Feb. 6, 2022 by DC3Amsterdam on Apple Podcasts

Presidencies of the United States