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Want to know how you can help this podcast to move forward and expand? There are currently four easy ways:

1) Share

Tell your family, friends, colleagues, workout buddies, third cousins twice removed, dog groomer, random strangers, etc., etc. about the podcast! You can always direct them to the website (https://www.presidenciespodcast.com) or share on social media. If you’re not linked up already, this podcast can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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I’ve established a page on Patreon for any listeners who would like to contribute on a regular basis to the work of Presidencies. Donations go towards paying for the monthly hosting and maintenance costs for the podcast and its social media as well as technology upgrades and access to research resources.

4) Purchase

I’ve created a wish list on Amazon of books that I feel might be beneficial for research on future series. They range in prices, so if you are interested, it’s a quick and easy way to support my efforts on behalf of the audience to bring as many sources to bear on each episode.

However you support the podcast, I cannot thank you enough!