A new Madison presidency episode is now available!


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Great Podcast

Well researched, concise and entertaining for history nerds like me. I’ve learned a lot and always look forward to new espisodes.

Passionate & Delightful Host!

This podcast presents U.S. presidential history in such an engaging way! I always learn something new after having listened, and I highly recommend this podcast! Well worth a listen!

Thorough and Informative

If you want to gain an in-depth knowledge of each president and his administration, this is your podcast. Jerry leaves few stones unturned. Highly recommended.

Extremely informative

Jerry Landry has an encyclopedic knowledge of his subject and writes the episodes to be both informative and entertaining. Highly recommended for anyone who'd like a more thorough understanding of our presidential history

Great Show!

This is an awesome podcast! If you're looking to learn more about the hightest office, then give this one a whirl. It's well worth the listen.