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March 1, 2020

S003 – The Super Tuesday Spectacular

S003 – The Super Tuesday Spectacular

Year(s) Discussed: 1976-1988

Super Tuesday happens at least once every four years in the modern US presidential election cycle, but how much does anyone really know about this date on the campaign calendar? In this episode, I explore the history of Super Tuesday and how it impacted numerous presidential elections in the past.

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Special thanks to Jessica and Howard from Plodding Through the Presidents, Peter from Badger State: A Wisconsin History Podcast, and Robin for providing the intro quotes for this episode!

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Featured Image: “Republican Debate with Ronald Reagan, Philip Crane, George Bush and John Anderson with moderator Eric Sevareid in Chicago, Illinois.” [13 Mar 1980], courtesy of Wikipedia

Featured Image: “Senator Edward Kennedy meets with Jimmy Carter.” [5 Dec 1977], courtesy of Wikipedia