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Nov. 25, 2018

2.095 – Abigail Adams

2.095 – Abigail Adams

Year(s) Discussed: 1744-1818

This special episode is all about the life and times of Abigail Smith Adams, the learned woman from Weymouth who became the second First Lady of the United States. Returning to the show to share her insight on Abigail is Presidential and First Lady historian Feather Schwartz Foster. Join us as we explore her fascinating life and discuss what legacy she leaves as First Lady and a historical figure in her own right.

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Special thanks to Shelly, Faye, Karen, and Alex for providing the intro quotes for this episode!

To find out more about Feather’s work and to check out her history blog, go to her website at http://www.featherfoster.com

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Featured Image: “Abigail Adams” by Gilbert Stuart (c. 1810-1815), courtesy of Wikipedia
Transition Music: “String Concerto in G Major [RV 532]”, Antonio Vivaldi, courtesy of Wikipedia